Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tater Mits

I've seen these "Tater Mits" on a few cookware websites. They're gloves which wash and peel your potatoes and other root veg, at the same time. This is due to the abrasive material on the palm side of the gloves. i find peelers can be fiddly and they take of too much flesh. A lot of the nutrients are also in the skin, which we tend to discard of. The Tater Mits leave just enough skin on to be nutritious but still removes the dirt on the potato. Obviously, if you want to get rid of all the skin, then just rub for longer. the only down side is you have to par boil the potatoes for a bit, and the skin should come off in 3 seconds. You can peel them straight away, and it'd take you 12 seconds...still not bad. The invention is Japanese, and has now become a big Teleshopping product. it may be kitch, and a little tacky, but it is a fresh look at how we handle and prepare vegetables. I like them and think they'd give a nice rough surface for roasted potatoes/parsnips so they're skins crisp up nicely. i'll defiantly be buying a pair pair for myself... not really for retail in any stores, but available to order online.

Monday, 7 December 2009


On the 5th of December, i held a food fight at Buckingham Palace. I called it the Cultural Food Fight, and the idea was to bring food from a cultural background of ones liking. We flash mobbed the area for a minuet, a minuet of messy madness. It went so well and was so much fun, i'm gonna hold another one early next year in another location. The theme will be the Cooperate Food Fight. Bring food from a large chain takeaway (McDonald's, Itsu, Pret, PFC, Starbucks... etc). Get into groups with people who have food from the same cooperation as yourself and fight!

watch this space....

till then, here is a video of the fight.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Jelly Bento

I've been making a lot of jelly and been experimenting with suspending interesting ingredients in them. I paid a visit to a Japanese supermarket of Finchley Road where i found some really strange ingredients. I get my bento box out, and decided to make a medley of pretty jelly. I made lychee jelly, champagne jelly, Rum and ginger jelly, Melon Jelly and my favourite, Passion Fruit jelly. I then layered the jelly adding my found ingredients as i layered. Even though they wouldn't taste so good, i got some lovely patterns and beautiful pictures...(Still to be put up). In my blue lychee jelly, i put japanese mushrooms and silver balls, in my champagne jelly i put burst cardamon seeds, in my passion fruit jelly i put staranese and ginger, and finally in my melon jelly i put little fish and seaweed. Looks lovely, but i'm gonna work on making a jelly that's pretty and edible.