Wednesday 2 December 2009

Jelly Bento

I've been making a lot of jelly and been experimenting with suspending interesting ingredients in them. I paid a visit to a Japanese supermarket of Finchley Road where i found some really strange ingredients. I get my bento box out, and decided to make a medley of pretty jelly. I made lychee jelly, champagne jelly, Rum and ginger jelly, Melon Jelly and my favourite, Passion Fruit jelly. I then layered the jelly adding my found ingredients as i layered. Even though they wouldn't taste so good, i got some lovely patterns and beautiful pictures...(Still to be put up). In my blue lychee jelly, i put japanese mushrooms and silver balls, in my champagne jelly i put burst cardamon seeds, in my passion fruit jelly i put staranese and ginger, and finally in my melon jelly i put little fish and seaweed. Looks lovely, but i'm gonna work on making a jelly that's pretty and edible.

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