Wednesday 27 July 2011

Super Brekkie

Since finishing university, and starting a new job as a waitress, I’ve been fortunate to have a lot more free time on my hand during the day. Lazy mornings are being followed by equally lazy afternoons. And due to super lazy behaviour, I chose to have brunch more often then a breakfast and a lunch. They have to be filling and packed full of energy, as I don’t really get the chance to eat much during work, and my next meal tends to be very late at night, or even very early the next morning when I get back from work.

So I have a few super brekkies that fulfil these requirements. I either chose between something meaty, wholesome and packed full of carbs, like a fry up sub. Or something that is healthy, naturally tasty, and that releases energy slowly, like a Milo and banana porridge.

Buttered baguette, Chipolatas, Bacon, Sunny side fried egg, Fried Portobello mushrooms, Spring Onions.

Heart attack? Maybe… but this is my only meal of the day, and I make the most of it. It does sometimes make me sleepy after having consumed half a baguette’s worth. I tend to make this for me and anyone else who happens to be around, as the guilt is shared, and it feels less like me vs the super sub!

Scottish oat porridge slow cooked in whole fat milk, 1 Banana, 1 tbsp Powdered Milo

I made this when in Ghana one early morning before going out to play golf. An hour after consumption, I had a great boost of energy, and it powered me through for a whole 18 holes!!! It was a definite winner, which is deliciously malty and wholesome.

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