Monday 25 January 2010

souffle time!

i had a horrible nightmare the other day... i stood in my kitchen with all the ingredients to make a souffle. my egg yolks and whites were separated, and as i began to whisk my whites, i realised all i had to whisk them was a bent fork! Horror! I stood over my whites trying to beat them to stiff peaks, but i was getting no where. Nightmare. My souffle was a disaster! Baack to real life and the following day i was watching ready steady cook, and a french chef was making souffle. Right! i thought, this is too wired a coincidence, i have to make souffle just to prove to myself i can. I'd never made it before, but knew roughly what went in and how to make it. I had goats cheese in the fridge, eegs, milk, flour, butter and some cranberry sauce! perfect. so i set about making my souffle... came to whisk my egg whites and i broke out into a sweat... shit! no whisk... this is gonna be a failure! "look in the middle drawer," suggested my house mate. There in the middle drawer lye a sorry looking electrical whisk, with one half of the whisks missing. this won't work. but i had no other choice. I fiddled around with it for a bit and made the lone whisk rotate at a very slow rate. i stood over my egg whites a whisked and whisked.... nothing happened at first, and i felt a da ja vu coming on. "give it a while" my house mate i did, and slowly but surely my whites started to double in size... Beautiful! great stuff, so i made my goats cheese sauce, added the yolk and slowly added it to my white. This is meant to be the crucial stage.. but it was a breeze. i filled my butter and parmesan coated ramekins and put it in the oven for 20 mins. 20 mins later, i had 6 lovely, fluffy and well risen souffles. Put some cranberry sauce on it and voila! They were very yummy. So ever since, i can't stop! i've been making camembert souffle, which is my personal favourite. Next i want to try to make a lactose free souffle with cauliflower and broccoli souffle using rice milk for lactose free friend who would otherwise never get to try souffle in her life. this is not acceptable.

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