Tuesday 21 June 2011

QR coding: know more about the food you eat

QR coding is everywhere. In newspapers, magazines, on posters, and even on goods we buy from the supermarket. It's fun, easy and very quick. But i feel it has been used as more of a marketing ploy.

As a way of sharing information quicker, i looked at the idea that QR coding could give people more information on what they're eating/purchasing. My idea of eating new protein can be scary and foreign especially when i comes to cooking. I have used the New Protein Farm as an example. …. After weighing and pricing the meat/fish, a label is printed, and stuck on the packaging,It has a QR code on it. When scanned into an android….

… the customer geta taken to the New Protein Blog, where they can get seasonal recipes on meat they’ve just purchased.
In this case, a recipe for my rabbit liver pate comes up, from The New Protein Blog.

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