Monday 8 February 2010

Chilli Garlic Jumbo Prawns

My boyfriend has had two large, still with the shell on, jumbo prawns sat in his fridge for a while. We have been unsure what to do with them. Because they were so big, we wanted to make the most of them. But last night i we were hungry and very poor. Being a Sunday, most places had shut, and for some reason the house refused to give BP another penny. So i looked in the fridge. I found some garlic, some butter, and some parmesan cheese. I knew i'd left some chilli flakes in his cupboard. Perfect, some buttery, garlicky and chilli, jumbo prawns.

Now i'm not normally that squeamish, but those prawns had huge beady eyes ad their heads where massive. Each prawn must have been bigger then an average sized banana. I don't mind peeling prawns when they've been cooked, but when they're raw, they have this still life quality about them. like they could come alive any minuet and strangle me with their large spindly antennas. so being a girl, i got rob to do them for me. at one point the shell came off the head, but the brains and facial muscles were left hanging off the limp body.

Once everything was removed and cleaned, i butterflied the prawns. I fried some garlic and chilli in some butter and oil. I cooked the for around 2 mins on each side then removed and placed to one side. i then put in some cooked slightly undercooked spaghetti and a little bit of the salty water it was cooked in. Not only does this give you more sauce when you're not really working with much, but it is also a really good way of thickening up sauces due to the starch released from boiling the pasta. I coated the pasta with the sauce and then let the spaghetti cook till a little bit hard. i grated loads of parmesan cheese over the top and served up. i placed the prawns on top of the paste and oh my days did we enjoy it!

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