Wednesday, 4 November 2009


I'm fascinated by charabebn bento boxes at the moment. Orginally they were made to get Japanesse kids eating their packed lunches by making it fun for them. Bento boxes aren't just pretty to look at, they also have to have a good balance of fresh vegetables, rice and meats. i don't believe it's playing with your food at all, just making your eating experience more enjoyable.

You even get some really cool accessories to help make your charaben boxes more interesting. Like these egg pochers (above) and this squeezy bottle for your sauce/vinegar.

Putting all this time and dedication into your food surely would mean a meal you are more likely to appreciate and enjoy.

i think we should all get on this idea. Make a charaben bento box for your hour lunch... make one for a friend, your gran, your boyfriend/girlfriend etc. the best thing is it's a temporary art, so you could design them depending on your mood, and there are so many possibilities out there!


  1. Interesting - do you have pictures of these - are they available in different colours and forms? Are they bio degradable?

  2. Thanks - I suppose that using the accessories to make the content of the lunch box more fasinating is the trick - engaging the kids in making them would enhance their willingness to try out a balanced diet - could also lead to lunch time competition - whose lunch box contents look more creative?