Wednesday 11 November 2009

I am starting to appreciate food that's served in edible crookery. It's fun and different. It also means an amalgamation of sauce is collected and absorbed in the edible crookery. My aunt made a bowl made of corn flour and layered re-fried beans, salsa, guacamole, cheese, sour cream and jalapenos. I took the picture above when i was in india earlier this year, it's a fried potato basket with chopped potatoes, onions, tomatoes, chillies and chickpeas. It's covered in a yogurt sauce with some spices, and topped with crushed and crunchy chickpea noodles with coriander sprinkled on the top. It was lovely and al ot of fun to eat. It works well if your sharing as the bowl gets diminished as the contents lessens. It looks like it's pretty hard to make, but you have to have two identical deepfatfriyngstrainers... (that word so does not exist) which are really quite deep and round. not that hard... bread is equally good to use as is a lot of flat bread. I'm was looking at making a sculptured pie, but as it turns out pastry is really fragile and it'd probably drop to bits in the oven/kiln... i'm working on it though....

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