Saturday, 14 November 2009


I watched Cous Cous (la graine at la mulet) the other night and was wowed over the food in the film... yummy yummy lovingly prepared cous cous and mullet. i really recommend the film. it's about a Moroccan family in France going through the usual family problems, but when the farther decides to open a cous cous restaurant, the whole family pull together and dream becomes reality. In true french style, the dialogue is passionate and the cinematography is beautiful.

So inspired by the movie i decided to make cous cous and fish. But good old Mr Sainsburys didn't have any decent fish, so i made meatballs instead. I made lamb meatballs with spices and the usual egg, husk (i used weetabix), and oil in which garlic, chillies and a few onions had been fried. I quickly fried them then put them in a pan with courgettes, vine tomatoes red onions and sugar snap peas. This all went in the oven for around 40 minuets on a low heat.

I'm not amazing at making cous cous. I always seem to put too much water in, but this time it was perfect. I added some saffron to lamb stock and poured it over the cous cous and let it sit. i then toasted some pine nuts and pumpkin seeds. I fried some coriander, shallots, chilli and garlic in some oil, and then poured it over the cous cous. Gave it all a mix and plated it with some lemon.

No word of a lie... it was lovely. The bite from the nuts, the spice from the chilli, the subtle taste of saffron and aroma from the coriander made the cous cous wondefrully fragrant. The moist meatballs let out a few juices when cut open, and mixed with the cherry tomato juices created a sauce which the cous cous absorbed.

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