Friday 6 November 2009

Birthday Cakes

I recently celebrated turning 21, and what an epic birthday it was... lasting two whole weeks! i also received 4 birthday cakes. the one above being the largest. Made up of 8 different flavours and weighing a ton... it was a lovely surprise from my granddad!

The second cake was a banoffee cake. With crunchy bits of toffee on the top and a soft, moist sponge. the cream on top had a little bit of banana separating it from the sponge....YUMMY!!!

My third cake was a strawberries and cream cake thanks to my unkle!

The last cake was a Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake!!!! you can't really see it here but there was a layer of crumbled cookie bit on top. The middle was made from the icing filling mixed with mascaponi, cream cheese, caster sugar and double cream. The base was just a digestive biscuit and butter mix. It was delightful... really scrummy!!! this was a lovely product from my cousin.

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  1. you lok a bit young for a 21st birthday !!! Cakes GALORE...did they taste as good as they look. The Oreo one sounds very interesting